Training Programs

Not everybody wants to work with a coach all the time, and sometimes just prefer to get a program and go it alone. The programs on this page are pre-made and ready for you to purchase and get started straight away. They have all the exercises with full video instructions, delivered to your mobile device via my app, so you can be ready to go in no time. Take a look and see if any suit your goals, then just click and follow the instructions to pay and download the app, and you're ready to go.

Starting Weight Loss Program
Booty Builder
Arm Blaster
Bodyweight Program
Kettlebell Program
Bands Workout
Male fat-loss
Home Workout Intermediate
Female Fat Loss
Female Beginner Gym
Female Intermediate Gym
Home Workout Beginner
Home Workout Advanced
Male Beginner Gym
Male Intermediate Gym
Male Advanced Gym
Female Advanced Gym

Recipes and Meal Plans on your phone

Never have to worry about what to eat, your plans go with you. 

All of your recipe plans have an ingredient list with easy prep instructions.

Menu Packs

Most people, when they take up exercise or start a new program fail to put good nutrition in place to complement their workout program. But as the old saying goes (you cannot out-train a bad diet) this saying is so true. A lot of time people mistakenly think that their exercise will compensate for their bad diet, and usually what happens is they end burnt out trying to reach their goals and end up giving up, upset and confused why all the pavement pounding or swinging from machines in the gym has not shown the results they expected for all their hard work. So to give yourself a chance of reaching your goals there are some menu packs below with all the calories worked out. You just have to follow the pack that you purchase to make it easy for yourself.

All the menu packs below have 5 breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to choose from. Plus 5 snacks, with a full ingredient list, and prep details. If you go to the Resources page and find out your ideal weight on the calculator, and then put it into the calculate your daily expenditure calculator that will give you your calories for the day, for your goals. Then you can decide which menu pack below is ideal to go with your program. I cannot make it any easier than that. So to make it easier on yourself make sure and add a menu pack to whichever program you chose. Whether it's for weight loss, weight gain, muscle build, I have got you covered with the packs below.

1200 calorie pack

1300 calorie pack

1400 calorie pack

1500 calorie pack

2400 calorie pack

2500 calorie pack

2600 calorie pack

1600 calorie pack

1700 calorie pack

1800 calorie pack

1900 calorie pack

2700 calorie pack

2800 calorie pack

2900 calorie pack

2000 calorie pack

2100 calorie pack

2200 calorie pack

2300 calorie pack

3000 calorie pack

Customer Reviews

“I have been training for years and could never get into shape for holidays so I booked Stewart for online training...Stewart looked at my diet and training and made some relevant changes and for the first time I had that famous 6 pack... Without a doubt I will be working with Stewart working towards next summer as I find he has a massive range of experience in the fitness industry. A five star rating” 


​Davi J.

“for someone who hates the gym and working out, joining pt sessions training with Stewart is such a pleasant surprise! I love having one to one sessions and working out in his own studio is amazing. There's a large range of equipment - kettlebells, boxing, cardio machines etc means the workouts are varied every time, fun and value for money! Stewart focuses on areas you wish to work on as well as giving diet and nutrition plans and continuously encourages and messages daily to keep you on track! These sessions have changed my thinking with regards to food and exercise. Give it a try, it's worth it!”



Roshni S.

“I used to train at the gym regularly but lost interest and motivation. I found Stewart online and in my first session I was so impressed with his knowledge as well as his fully equipped gym - I signed up straight away! At the time, I was planning my wedding so my sessions were focused around that. Stewart made sure I was on target with my goals and the look that I wanted to achieve so on my wedding day, I felt amazing! Now my focus is on keeping lean and building strength and I really enjoy my pt sessions. Stewart is dedicated to fitness, encourages you during and after sessions, tries his best to book you in at a time that suits you and is also a lovely person! I highly recommend him.”



Indy N.

“I have been working with Stewart for my weight loss goals, and am happy with my results, all ready for my holidays” 



Bartlomie J.R.

“Great work out, felt very comfortable, not embarrassed at all. Talks you through, answers all my questions, very good.” 



Anne F.

“Stewart's ability to keep me motivated has been fantastic. He's very knowledgeable about nutrition and getting the right exercise plan. Had frequent 1 to 1 reviews which you don't normally get with other people or in the gym. Truly recommended.” 



Tania P.


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